...And As Always, Kill Hitler

“…And As Always, Kill Hitler” is essentially three bands in one.

The three primary members— Desdemona Delirium, Dharma Dream, and Drusilla Desire—trade off roles, making each album, each song, and each concert a bit different. Each member has their own unique style, and when they are at the forefront, her bandmates play backup.

Because of this, fans of the band will often identify as a fan of one particular member as they prefer her style. They’ve therefore adopted names for themselves— Delirious, Dreamers, and Desirous.

Desdemona Delirium

Desdemona is the most overtly aggressive of the three. Outspoken in interviews and songs, she tends to have the angrier, harsher lyrics and music. Her style tends to be the most unusual as well, incorporating indie sensibilities with a punk rock attitude. She plays piano, ukulele, and drums.

Her music will be portrayed by Amanda Palmer

Dharma Dream

Dharma is the more gothic member of the band, often described in reviews as “sad” or “soulful”. Her lyrics are often introspective, dark, and brooding, and her musical score lilting and elegant. She plays stringed instruments and piano.

Lana Del Rey will be portraying her music.

Drusilla Desire

Drusilla, despite her bandmates more outward aggression and darkness, is considered the scary one. Her songs are cheerful and absolutely full of venom. She is unabashed about her opinions and can be quite vicious (verbally…so far) if crossed. She plays guitar and bass.

She’ll be portrayed by Lily Allen

...And As Always, Kill Hitler

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