Renegade Beings

Of all the manifestations of the Renegade Virus, perhaps none are stranger than the so-called Renegade Beings. While the virus can infest and eventually take control of normal humans with ease, it also occasionally mutates into strains that can infect animals, plants, or even certain kinds of minerals. There are also strains that become capable of essentially independent life, existing as a self-maintaining swarm of viral bodies.

Renegade Beings are highly diverse, each one almost being a species unto itself. A few broad categories exist, however. These categories are known as “origins,” and they reflect the manner in which the Renegade Virus shaped itself at the moment of self-awareness. Regardless of their original form, all known Renegade Beings are capable of assuming human shape in order to blend in with humanity.


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Renegade Beings

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