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Double Cross!

“行こう! それは裏切り者対裏切り者です!”

Welcome to the world of Double Cross, a dark conspiracy superheroes game. Originally published in Japan, Double Cross 3rd Edition was translated into English by Ver. Blue Amusement in 2013. This campaign will use the Double Cross setting but the GYRO System rules.

In this campaign, The Infinity Code, players will take on the roles of the Overed, individuals in whom the deadly Renegade Virus has awakened, giving them incredible super powers at the cost of possibly losing their humanity. Characters can hold onto their human nature through the social links that every human being develops. By forming close bonds with others, Overeds learn to focus their willpower and overcome the Renegade Virus. However, such close bonds can lead to emotional trauma and betrayal as the Overed live in a world of shadows and mirrors.

This campaign will place the characters as members of the UGN, the Universal Guardian Network, an organization designed to suppress knowledge of the Renegade Virus from the public and to protect normal humans from the rampages of the infected. The nature of the Renegade Virus will be explored, and dark secrets about the origins of the Overed will be revealed.

Part spy drama, part superhero story, and part body horror, Double Cross is a unique blend of genres that draws inspiration from both American superhero comics and Japanese anime and manga. The game might be summed up as “Japanese Lovecraftian Superhero Spies.” For further inspirations about the tone and feel of Double Cross, check out the Inspirations section of this wiki.

“The serpent bites its tail…
“The beginning and the end become as one…
“The shadows move when no one watches.”
-The Ouroboros Prophecy

Occasionally on this wiki, Double Cross will be abbreviated as DX. For more information about the setting and the rules, see the links below:

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