Tag: Solaris


  • Edward "Pippin" Jameson

    Edward Jameson is a relatively new teacher at Interlake High School, but he has quickly become a key member of its community. His biology class is extremely popular, due both to his expertise and his engaging teaching style. Additionally, he is the …

  • Val "Leviathan" Bowman

    Val Bowman is the director of the West Coast Branch of the American UGN. He is a kind man, but decisive and strong-willed. His deep and thoughtful nature earned him the codename “Leviathan,” the Biblical “beast of many waters.” As a young agent, Val …

  • Genichi "Holy Diver" Fujisaki

    Genichi is a Japanese UGN field agent on indefinite assignment in the United States as a liaison between the two branches of the organization. His realistic and pragmatic nature serves as a counterbalance to Leviathan’s idealism.