Val "Leviathan" Bowman

Seattle area UGN branch director


Val Bowman is a Caucasian man in his early 30s, tall and well-built with short, dark hair and dark eyes. He normally dresses in government-regulation suits and is rarely without his radio earpiece or dark sunglasses. He looks every inch the “man in black” archetype.


Val Bowman is the director of the West Coast Branch of the American UGN. He is a kind man, but decisive and strong-willed. His deep and thoughtful nature earned him the codename “Leviathan,” the Biblical “beast of many waters.”

As a young agent, Val was involved in Project ADAM KADMON, a secret genetic program designed to uncover the origins of the Renegade Virus. Val’s diligence as a project member led to the revelation that the entire project was an attempt by False Hearts to infiltrate the UGN’s structure, but his reputation was stained by association. Some have said that Val would already be a member of Axis Mundi if it hadn’t been for that debacle.

Val "Leviathan" Bowman

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