Roland Milovich

Troubled star of the lacross team


Roland is a dark-haired boy of middle height and athletic build. His dark eyes are intense and focused, and he has good looks that might be described as “brooding.” He is co-captain of the lacrosse team and a regular soccer player in the off-season.


Roland’s parents came to America in the 90s to escape war in Eastern Europe; he was born on American soil and is a natural citizen. His father had connections with the Serbian government, which made it easier for him to immigrate to the US, and to bring enough wealth to start over in a good position. Today, his parents run a major hotel chain in the Pacific Northwest.

While Roland and Marcell seem to be good friends, they are well known as fierce rivals on and off the lacrosse field. They are currently in competition to become captain of the lacrosse team when Jack Hamma graduates next year.

Roland Milovich

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