Kyoka "Planner" Tsuzuki

An ancient Renegade Being working with False Hearts


Kyoka Tsuzuki typically appears as a teenaged girl of Japanese ethnicity, wearing a traditional shrine maiden’s outfit or a school uniform of indeterminate origin. She often wears a fox mask and carries a shakuhachi wooden flute. Some Guardian reports have noted Planner as looking older and others younger, so it is not known if she can change her appearance of if those reports are mistaken.


The being known to False Hearts as “Planner” has given many names over the years. The current one she uses is Kyoka Tsuzuki, though this is known to be an alias. Planner claims to be over two thousand years old, and has sometimes claimed to be the first Renegade Being. If true, her claims would prove an ancient origin for the Renegade Virus, a common theory among researchers in the UGN. Planner is also known to lie when it suits her purposes, however.

Several people over the years have noted that Planner bears an uncanny resemblance to historical paintings of Himiko, the shaman queen of ancient Japan. It’s probably a coincidence, though.

Kyoka "Planner" Tsuzuki

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