Phaedra "Giger" Waverly

A teen art prodigy... before the accident.


Phaedra is a 15 year old high school Junior, somewhat short and slender of build. She has blue-black hair, and blue eyes.

Last semester Phaedra was often seen in the art room, working on paintings. She tended to favor comfortable clothes, though they were always of high quality. Her hair was long and unruly, often hanging in her way and working itself out of hastily tied braids.

This semester her hair has been cut short, chin length… and she’s missing her right arm from just above the elbow. Her demeanor has likewise changed, from a friendly, ethereal charm to a more withdrawn and somewhat sardonic attitude laced with dark humor.

There are several rumors circulating about what happened. A few people say she was in a car wreck, or that her parents private plane crashed, or that she was bitten by a snake while mountain climbing. No one knows for sure. And she’s not talking so far…
A more current picture, from this semester…
And a much more current picture….

Her favorite bands are


Phaedra was born into a rich family, and has always lived a privileged life… assuming you consider being practically raised by the house staff while her parents were off on trips “privileged”. Her upbringing has been handled in large part by Sebastian, the family’s butler and most trusted servant, and Violet, her personal maid since she was 11 or so.

Early on Phaedra discovered a talent for drawing and painting, and her interests were nurtured, particularly when she began winning art contests against more experienced and older students. As such, her focus in school has been primarily art, both in history and technique.

Phaedra "Giger" Waverly

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