Mia "Meerkat" Neeson

An Illegal hacker who works for the highest bidder


Mia Neeson is a girl in her late teens who keeps her hair cut short in a jagged, asymmetrical bob. She possesses heterochromia, with one eye green and the other brown, and she dies her hair in various two-tone contrasts every couple of weeks. Her clothes are the height of Goodwill chic.


Mia Neeson was almost the twelfth victim of the Seattle Slasher. She would have died had not her Renegade awakened while the Slasher was cutting her throat. A burst of superhuman strength allowed her to throw him off, while a quick jolt of lightning kept him from following. She was hurt too badly to finish him off, something she came to regret when he killed several more girls before vanishing.

Mia was approached by the UGN about becoming an agent, but she told them off in no uncertain terms. When Falcon Blade discovered she had been skipping her medication, he turned her into an off-the-books asset rather than report her. Mia (codenamed “Meerkat”) continues to offer her services as an elite hacker to the highest bidder, though she avoids working for False Hearts, who she regards as dangerous and crazy.

Mia "Meerkat" Neeson

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