Jozef Stein

A Seattle-area real estate mogul


Jozef Stein is a middle-aged man just beginning to go soft in the middle, but with a kindly face and a friendly smile. He doesn’t look like a man worth millions in the real estate market, despite being one of the wealthiest real estate investors in the Pacific Northwest.


Jozef Stein is the younger brother of Norman Stein and the uncle of Ashwin Stein. He and his brother parlayed their inheritance into a real estate empire, focusing on land development and cooperation with the local government to provide affordable housing. Jozef generally handled the “front end” of the business, meeting with clients and finessing personal relationships, while Norman handled the negotiations and contracts.

Jozef is unmarried and lives alone in a large home that he designed himself in Broadmoor Estates.

Jozef Stein

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