Isabella Silva

The Waverly Family Lawyer


Isabella is tall, with dark skin, deeply brown eyes, and long black hair. She is very attractive, with a lot of muscle definition. She favors rich colors, particularly red, and gold jewelry. She wears high heels to accentuate her height, which adds to her commanding presence. She has a very pleasant voice, with a hint of her Brazilian accent.


Isabella is the Waverly Family lawyer. Younger than one might expect of a high-powered family lawyer, Isabella is nevertheless formidable. Tall, charismatic, and very straightforward, Isabella is a force to be reckoned with. She takes care of the family financials, wills, and holdings, as well as remaining on retainer just on the off chance that Phaedra has a ‘youthful indiscretion’, though this has thus far been a non-issue.

Isabella’s parents were Brazilian immigrants, and her family has had some connection to the Waverly family for some time.

Isabella herself is stylish and well put together, never appearing in public in any less than full makeup and trendy outfits. Despite her clear worth, she is surprisingly down-to-earth and rarely extravagant, though she does have a taste for nice jewelry.

Isabella Silva

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