Erik Dempsey

A dilettante of the high school sports world


Eric is a tall, powerfully built high school senior who keeps his long, unruly hair pulled back in a ponytail. Somehow, strands always seem to get free and hang around his face. He’s usually chewing on a toothpick or straw in class. He has a dangerous grin and wild eyes.


A junior at Interlake High School, Erik has been a prominent member of the much more martial sports classes offered there such as karate, yoga, and even cheer for one year when the desire struck him.

But nothing compares to his love of boxing and the teen always seems to be on the lookout for a worthy challenger unfortunately this desire is rather strong… which can lead to small sleights in the hallways being blown out of proportion for the opportunity to fight an unwilling opponent. “In the ring to settle their differences” of course.

Erik never seems to hold a grudge and doesn’t usually go after the same hapless opponent more than once if they fail to catch his attention.

Erik Dempsey

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