Eliza Holloway

A dead girl seemingly returned to life by the Renegade Virus


Eliza Holloway is, by all appearances, a 17-year-old girl with long, dark hair and a sad-looking face. Her dark eyes seem mournful, as though she were grieving. Unfortunately, Eliza is anything but normal, since she was killed over a year ago by the Seattle Slasher.


“Eliza” is actually a Renegade Being created by Dr. George Holloway’s experiments into the Renegade Virus in an attempt to resurrect his dead daughter. By providing the real Eliza’s corpse to the creature as a host, the Renegade Being has come to believe that it is Eliza, though some of her memories are spotty as a result of post-mortem brain damage. The new Eliza has no idea that she is a Renegade Being, which is an unusual state for such a creature (as they normally know what they really are instinctively).

The Guardians smuggled Eliza out of Headquarters after learning that she was to be taken to a private laboratory for dissection at the end of the Bandersnatch Affair. They got her an apartment and are attempting to return her to something like a normal life… though it remains to be seen what will happen if and when Eliza finds out what she really is.

Eliza Holloway

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