Edie Keppler

Tough but fair.


Edie teaches physics at Interlake, and is considered an excellent instructor if quite tough. Her AP physics courses are legendary, and rumor has it there’s the occasional non-school-sanctioned demonstration or experiment.


People often wonder why Edie is teaching high school physics when she’s clearly capable of teaching at the college level, which she does occasionally as an adjunct in the summer, or working in the field. The truth is, Edie loves her job, and works hard to instill a love of learning into her students, and encourage any of her students, particularly the girls, to pursue science as a career path. She likes to think of herself as an example for minority students interested in the sciences, and is uniquely aware of the struggles they might face.

In her off hours she enjoys poetry and attends readings and slams, and is active in political matters dealing with women and minorities. She, like many people, does not get along with the Lacrosse coach, and usually chooses to avoid and ignore him.

Edie Keppler

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