Benjamin Rhodes

Phaedra's semi-estranged uncle


Benjamin is a handsome man in his late 30’s, with dark brown hair worn slicked back, a neatly trimmed beard, and blue eyes. He dresses well, in designer jeans and tailored shirts, and takes pride in his appearance. This includes the tattoos that seem to festoon his entire body, peeking from under shirt sleeves and collar, and even on his hands and knuckles. In this, at least, he does not portray the sort of high-society picture common to the Waverly family and their associates.

Still, it’s easy to see he and Phaedra are related—they have the same shade of brilliantly blue eyes.


Ben is the youngest brother of the Rhodes family. His older sister Elanor married Oliver Waverly, and he is Phaedra’s uncle. Phaedra has been unaware of his existence, as he’s been disowned since before she was born. He left the family, chafing under their expectations and demands, and spent a good many years living down to his family’s expectations. More recently, however, he has been doing very well, and is one of the better known and respected tattoo artists (both ink and flash) in his area, and makes a very comfortable-to-lavish living, particularly now that his flash sheets have become popular with some major shops.

Since the death of his sister, he has made some efforts to get in contact with his niece, and has been pleasantly surprised to find that she is an artist as well. He is aware he doesn’t fit in with the upper crust crowd, and so has been cautious about trying to approach.

While sincere, however, Benjamin has only the vaguest of concepts of family, and has trouble connecting with others on more than a superficial level. He is charming and pleasant, but extremely reluctant to open up, and reacts poorly to aggression directed at himself or anyone/thing he cares about.

Benjamin Rhodes

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