Ayesha Wenzinger

The leader of the school mean girls


Ayesha Wenzinger is a 16-year-old African-American girl with light skin and curly brown hair. She dresses in the school uniform, as well as thigh-high black stockings and non-regulation Mary Janes. She’s rarely seen in public without being accompanied by her clique: Allie Woo, Joey Portes, and Amy Carmine. She’s been romantically linked with both Marcell Fahlstedt and Roland Milovich, but she keeps everyone guessing.

Off school grounds, Ayesha dresses in the latest fashions, preferring loose, off-the-shoulder tops and wide-legged shorts.


The Wenzinger family is one of the wealthier families in Bellevue, though not as wealthy as the storied Waverlys. Ayesha naturally drifted into the high-society clique in middle school and came to dominate it by high school. She was in close (if courteous) competition with Phaedra for most popular girl in school; Phaedra’s artistic and ethereal demeanor was a strong contrast with Ayesha’s hot temper and pushy nature.

With Phaedra maimed in an accident over the summer, the school’s cliques are already realigning around Ayesha.

Ayesha Wenzinger

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