Alethea Sollberger-Wu

Number two because she tries harder


Alethea Sollberger-Wu—better known to almost all of her classmates as Allie Woo—is a a half-Chinese, half-Jewish girl from Seattle who moved to Bellevue in middle school. She keeps her black hair cut short in the latest fashion and tends to wear a knit jacket over her school uniform. Outside of school, she wears short skirts, loose blouses, and whatever Ayesha decides is fashionable that week.


Alethea’s mother is a lawyer and her father a doctor; they relocated to Bellevue to escape the fast-paced city life, which Alethea loved. She was distraught until she fell in with Ayesha Wenzinger and her clique of “mean girls.” She’s been a hanger-on since seventh grade and shows no signs of changing any time before graduation; she’s even talked about going to the same college as Ayesha, which seems unlikely given her grades.

Allie Woo is almost a professional second banana. She’s Ayesha’s yes-girl, stalking horse, and wingman, all rolled into one.

Alethea Sollberger-Wu

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