Anime and Manga

Since Double Cross is an anime-inspired game, this list of inspirations wouldn’t be complete without an extensive list of anime and manga to look at for inspirations.

  • Darker Than Black: A dark spy drama about agents with super powers and terrible mental instability. Almost required watching for Double Cross.
  • Psycho-PASS: A series about a near-future Japan that has made public displays of negative emotion a criminal offense. Less the same subject matter than similar themes and tone.
  • Claymore: To fight monsters, one must become a monster. Another series that shares themes and tone with Double Cross, despite being a very different genre.
  • Uzumaki, or any other work by Junji Ito: The horror works of Junji Ito tap into the underlying layers of body horror and cosmic dread that pervade Double Cross.
  • Vampire Princess Miyu: The story of a forever young girl and her partner, both of whom are monsters who hunt other monsters for their own reasons. Despite the supernatural trappings of the series, Miyu’s story is very close to the Overed, who are traitors to their own kind and yet not necessarily friends with ordinary humans either.

Western Inspirations

  • X-Men: Outlaw heroes fighting to protect a world that fears and hates them, the X-Men are perhaps the most iconic western inspiration for Double Cross, especially with their eclectic range of powers and the way that the ordinary humans of their world sometimes treat the mutant condition as a disease.
  • Chronicle: This film examination of teenage friends who gain strange powers discusses the way in which power corrupts.

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