Fuck You, Chelios!

“Fuck You, Chelios!” is the brainchild of Draven Summerisle, a musician with the changeableness of David Bowie, and the weirdness of David Lynch.

The band changes style with nearly every album, occasionally releasing a string of similarly themed recordings, then switching to something else entirely (while Draven himself changes his look and persona), and then comes back again. While the band is mildly popular in certain circles, its oddity prevents much mainstream attention. Its core fans, however, are loyal, and Draven Summerisle is quite the showman. Concerts are always quite the event; no one’s ever sure what to expect.

Some people even swear they were forever changed by the experience…

Draven Summerisle is Mike Patton, so anything he’s involved with (Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr Bungle, etc) will be his music.

Draven Summerisle in his most recent persona.

And previous personas…. In chronological order

Fuck You, Chelios!

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