Susan Rose

An art student with a photojournalist bent.


Susan is a red haired, green eyed ball of energy. A 16 year old girl with aspirations of being the next Hunter S. Thompson in photographer form. Well…. if she doesn’t decide to be the next Annie Liebovitz…

Susan is bubbly, attractive, and clever, and is pretty much married to her (honestly very nice) Nikon D610 and collection of various lenses. Her attraction drifts from hard-hitting journalistic pictures, to more artistic endeavors, and she has yet to settle on one.

She met Phaedra in art class, and has relentlessly pursued her friendship since, becoming friends with Asher almost by default. Several pictures in her photography portfolio are studies of Phaedra painting, or Asher writing.


Upper middle class, Susan comes from a divorced family, living with her father who is a well-off executive at a software company. He’s busy, and doesn’t have much time for her, so makes it up to her by buying her cameras and photo editing software…and tropical fish. She has a passion for tropical fish, and keeps exotic aquariums including, but not limited to, seahorses, clownfish, and a very small octopus (named Squishy).

Susan Rose

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