Sebastian T. Smith

"Manners maketh man."


Sebastian is a British man in his late 30s or early 40s. He wears his hair slightly long for a proper gentleman’s gentleman, and he wears a mustache. He is never seen in public without an immaculate suit, and occasionally wears a monocle as an affectation. While his accent is proper British upper-class around his employers, when in the company of his charge, Phaedra, he sometimes slips into a more working-class accent.


Little is known about Sebastian T. Smith, other than that “Smith” is unlikely to be his real last name. He acts as a combination of tutor, manservant, and bodyguard for Phaedra, but has the attitude and posture of a man with a military background. He seems to owe the Waverly family a debt of some sort, but the exact nature of that debt remains unknown.

Sebastian T. Smith

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