Rick MacKinnon

A brooding junior and would-be writer


Rick MacKinnon is a tall, gangly boy with shaggy brown hair and deep-set eyes. His overall expression might be described as “mournful.” He wears a beat-up old leather jacket and dusty blue jeans, a look that captures something like a young Bruce Springsteen. He wears it pretty well, though.


Rick is an aspiring writer from a poor family who got into Interlake on merit. He’s won several writing contests since middle school, and it’s an even bet whether he goes to college on a full art scholarship or just skips it and becomes a famous novelist. He’s also got a simmering bad attitude brought on by a shaky home life and a strong anti-authority streak. He’s known to be “dating” Mandy Amos on and off, but neither of them are willing to make it anything official.

Rick MacKinnon

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