Quinn "Bandersnatch" Pascal

A former Guardian who has also betrayed False Hearts


Quinn Pascal is a man of many names and faces. Without a disguise, he is a red-haired man of about twenty-five with a lean build and hard eyes.


Quinn Pascal (codename: Bandersnatch) was a member of the UGN for several years, an exemplary agent noted for his emotional distance and preference for wetwork. In early 2014, he met the daughter of a civilian consultant and fell in love with her. He was devastated later that year when she was the victim of a serial killer, and the UGN’s refusal to involve itself with hunting down her murderer drove him into the arms of False Hearts.

When word reached him of his girlfriend’s “resurrection,” he returned to Seattle to put her to rest, no matter the cost, forsaking his ties to False Hearts. After a confrontation with a group of young agents, Bandersnatch’s heart appeared to give out on him, revealing that he had been empowered beyond his Syndrome’s usual limits with one of the rare Renegade Crystals.

Quinn "Bandersnatch" Pascal

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