Marcell Fahlstedt

Junior star of the lacrosse team


Marcell Fahlstedt is a tall, blonde hunk. He keeps his hair short but shaggy and tends to dress in jerseys and shorts during his off time. He wears the same school uniform as everyone else on grounds, but usually “forgets” his tie.


Marcell is best known to Interlake as a rising star of the lacrosse team and the occasional romantic better half of Ayesha Wenzinger. He and Roland Milovich are fast friends on the field but bitter rivals for Ayesha’s affections off it; some think it’s only a matter of time before their romantic rivalries drive them apart. Marcell tends to wear his lacrosse jersey during his off hours, and he’s a participant in several other sports teams—off lacrosse season, of course.

Marcell and Roland are competing for the position of lacrosse team captain when Jack Hamma graduates next year.

Marcell Fahlstedt

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