Kyle "Court Jester" Elfman

A servant of the Axis Mundi


Court Jester is a slick-looking man in his early 20s, dressed stylishly and with his blonde hair slicked back. He wears a lot of mascara and most of the accents on his clothing are in pastel colors.


Very little is known about Court Jester’s background. He was sent to Seattle by the Axis Mundi, the 12-member council that heads up the UGN, ostensibly as a liaison with the head office but more likely as a spy. Axis Mundi putting one of their own people in the organization signifies a lack of trust with branch director Leviathan—a major criticism against a man who was once thought to be on the fast track to the UGN’s leadership.

Kyle seems to come from a wealthy or privileged background, but he delights in making up ever-more-outlandish lies about his past, just to see how long the listener will believe them.

Kyle "Court Jester" Elfman

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