Kristen Starker

A girl who saw something she shouldn't have


Kristen is a dark-haired girl with freckles. She is a 17-year-old junior at Interlake High School and a member of the Campus Christian Youth Alliance. She usually goes by “Krissy.”


Kristen was just leaving a church-sponsored charity function when she saw a bedraggled-looking boy climb to the top of a building and start glowing with a vibrant white halo of light. Kristen fainted dead away, but she remained convinced that she had seen an angel of god and has been keeping an eye out ever since. She just recently recognized the “angel” as her classmate Booger and is reaching out to him to discover his secrets. If he’s an angel, she wants to help him fulfill his god-given mission.

After a recent stalking expedition, Krissy found herself waking up in a church with no memory of how she got there. She only recalls following Booger for a while, then a powerful sense of euphoria. She isn’t sure what happened, but she’s certainly not giving up that easily.

Kristen Starker

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