Joanne "Joey" Portes

A sporty girl in high society


Joanne “Joey” Portes is a tall, athletic girl with dark hair and blue eyes. She’s very popular among boys and girls alike, partly because of her elegant good looks and partly because of her incredible ability on the track and field team. She’s dated a few boys and a couple of girls, but none of them held up to her high standards.


Joey is one of the high-society girls, along with Ayesha Wenzinger and Allie Woo. Unlike her “sisters-in-arms,” Joey is also on a sports team. Her parents are upper-middle class and she has two younger brothers, both currently at Interlake Middle School. Joey is known for being quiet—but incisive when she talks. Joey is a member of the High Society Clique, but she’s also frequently included in the Sports Clique.

Joanne "Joey" Portes

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