Jackson Maddock

Interlake High's own school bad boy


Jackson Maddock is a Caucasian teenager of middling height with a menacing presence all out of proportion to his size. He tends to wear jeans white T-shirts to go with his leather jacket, keeping his hair styled like a 50s greaser. He rides a custom dirt bike with a bosozoku flag sticking off the back.


Jackson “Mad Jack” Maddock is Interlake High’s worst student according to popular rumor. He smokes, drinks, gets into fights, pulls mediocre grades in everything except gym and shop, but somehow still clings on to being at Interlake. He’s the de facto leader of the school’s bad kids, a position he began cultivating in middle school when a bully two years older than him wound up with a cracked skull after trying to take Jackson’s lunch money.

Jackson Maddock

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