Jack Hamma

The Hammer


Jack “The Hammer” Hamma is a thick-necked high school senior with short, spiky blonde hair. He’s rarely seen in public without his letter jacket.


Senior captain of the Lacrosse Team (and any other sport he puts his mind to) Jack Hamma aka “The Hammer” is one of the main attractions at Interlake High School’s sporting events.

Despite being only 17 years old the boy is built like a brick shit house and tends to run just shy of hospitalizing people of the opposing teams to the amusement of the crowd.

What makes things worse is Jack isn’t the stereotypical jock and actually gets decent grades as well, making his future prospects rather frightening. Sports scholarships to a prominent university are almost all but guaranteed.

Jack knows how high he is on the social totem pole of the school and flaunts it with little chance of repercussion with the backing of Coach Halloran and the sports loving community of the local town.

Jack Hamma

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