Hanako Kobayashi

An exchange student from Osaka


Hanako is a Japanese girl with blue-black hair. She keeps it cut shorter than would be fashionable back in Japan, but she’s trying out an American style while she’s overseas. Her school uniform is different from the other students at Interlake; as a foreign exchange student, she’s permitted to wear her Japanese uniform (seifuku) rather than the American-style uniform. Hanako wears glasses at school to read, but usually doesn’t wear them out of class.


Hanako is from Osaka, a Japanese exchange student who was at the top of her class in her school, and intends to continue that at her new school. While she is not as well versed in American customs as she thought, she’s a good sport and is enjoying her stay with her host family, and is eager to make friends.

Initially Hanako was hoping that her cousin Kunihiko Hashimoto would help with learning many of the strange differences between cultures but after seeing the delinquent he has become (in her eyes) things have just been awkward.

Hanako Kobayashi

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