Carrie "Sanguine Vortex" Trelawney

A mysterious transfer student


Carrie is a small, light girl with blond hair and a vague expression. Her overall demeanor is one of detachment and loneliness, as though separated from the people around her by a great distance. Maybe it’s just because she’s new in town.


Most people don’t know much about Carrie. School rumor says she was in an accident or something and that she’s living with her aunt and uncle, but no one knows much of anything for sure.

Carrie recently revealed to her fellow UGN agents that she’s actually a time traveler from an apocalyptic future where False Hearts started a global war—and won. In her time, humanity is a fallen race, and Gjaums rampage through the ruined wastelands that were once cities. Carrie returned to the present through as yet unexplained means, jumping back again to a point a few months before school begins whenever her mission fails. Each trip is more damaging than the last, and Carrie has admitted that she doesn’t know if she has another time jump left in her.

Carrie "Sanguine Vortex" Trelawney

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