Camilla "Silk Spider" Theals

Training officer for UGN Seattle


Camilla is a dark-haired woman in her mid-20s. She typically dresses in a comfortable but formal business outfit.


Camilla Theals is virtually the poster child for successful upbringing by the UGN. She started life as an orphan raised by the British Branch, graduated to field agent, and eventually found her true calling as a drill instructor for other UGN-raised children. Camilla is one of the first UGN agents met by prospective children and teen members of the organization. She comes off as a strong-willed schoolteacher much of the time, but she isn’t afraid to be cruel to be kind.

Camilla’s codename comes from her ability to walk on walls and spin her fingernails into deadly threads.

Camilla "Silk Spider" Theals

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