Brandy Lacroix

Lazy rich girl


Brandy is a slim, dark-skinned girl with dark hair. She wears nice clothes off campus, but a lot of it is mismatched, since she can’t be bothered to coordinate her outfits. Most of the time she can be seen playing around on her cell phone.


Brandy Lacroix is perpetually on the edge of losing her status in the High Society Clique. What annoys the other girls—and ironically probably keeps her from being formally tossed out—is that she doesn’t seem to care. No one knows if Brandy is lazy or just a little dull, but she’s a solid C student from a wealthy family. She’s known Allie Woo and and Ayesha since they were kids, but she doesn’t seem to get excited about much of anything.

Brandy Lacroix

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