Asher Chivalier

A shy and quiet writer who keeps to himself.


Asher is a shy, rather quiet 15 year old, who enjoys writing and hanging out with the art students, though he doesn’t have much drawing talent himself. He and Phaedra were working together on a comic pitch before her accident, and they’ve been friends since 4th grade.

Asher is often bullied by larger more aggressive students, as he lacks physical prowess and tends to be shy and timid and wrapped up in his own world much of the time. Originally he’s from Canada, and he is bilingual, speaking both English and French.


Asher is an immigrant from Canada, though he’s been in the states since 4th grade. Still, he likes to wear maple leaf sweatshirts or tees occasionally just to remind others and himself where he came from. His family consists of his mother and stepfather, and a half-sister who’s currently in preschool, named Evey, who he rather dotes on. His father lives with a girlfriend and his older brother in Ontario, and he rarely sees them, as the divorce was rather contentious.

He’s been fairly good friends with Phaedra since the 4th grade, though since the accident she’s grown a bit distant. Still, he was one of the few friends from school in touch with her over the summer break, and so was one of the few that saw her in the hospital.

Asher Chivalier

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