Double Cross: The Infinity Code

Episode 1

Prelude to a Nightmare! I'm an 'Overed' Now?


Some highlights include a False Hearts attack on Seattle public transit with Kunihiko and his cousin Hanako riding the bus back from the mall. Kunihiko shielded her with his body during the crash, but he wasn’t able to save the dozens of other people who were killed in the attack. He and Carrie went toe-to-toe with Autumn Heart, a Chimera from False Hearts, and her gjaum minions. They were getting their asses handed to them until Charles and Phaedra showed up, with Booger providing fire support from a rooftop a mile away. Autumn Heart was apparently trying to kidnap a boy named Miles, but Carrie got him away from the fight just in time for Edward to show up after skipping out on his nice night out with his partner, Alex. Autumn Heart was defeated by Kunihiko embracing the Renegade and going over 100% Encroachment, only for Carrie to bring him out of Berserk status by shoving his headphones back on and cranking Enigma’s “Gravity of Love” as high as the volume would go.

Afterwards, the students were taken back to HQ and officially inducted into the UGN. Between adventures, they’re going to be training up and learning more about how their powers work. We had a great scene where Carrie picked up Charles at home to go to Phaedra’s house for breakfast and the different home lives of the three were brought into stark relief. Carrie seemingly has a very normal home life despite her distance from her aunt and uncle, Charles is poor and has a verbally abusive mother, and Phaedra basically lives in a mansion surrounded by servants but without any familial love at all. Edward lying to the person he loves remains a recurring theme, as does the mystery of what happened to Kunihiko’s brother a year ago in the car accident that left Kunihiko a bitter delinquent. Booger hasn’t gotten much personal focus at this point, but the threat of “Mr. Big” in the background remains a potential plot thread.


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